Itchy skin

Itchy skin

Persistent itching – one of our
main topics

Itchy skin can occur acutely, for example, as a result of skin drying out after a vacation. However, persistently itchy skin is a pathological condition and can indicate undetected internal diseases. Very little research has been conducted on the topic of itchy skin. In order to make a contribution in this respect, we would like to share information about chronic itching (pruritus) and the particular disease prurigo nodularis.

The Prurigo Nodularis League is an association of doctors, scientists, and patients who have made it their goal to provide information about the latest findings from research and science, new therapeutic approaches, and ongoing studies.

We offer digital patient education on individual topics and regularly organize topic-related symposia. Patients can use our social platforms to talk to one another and also to specialists.

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