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What is prurigo nodularis?

Prurigo nodularis is an almost unexplored disease that always occurs in conjunction with persistent itching (technical term: pruritus). The constant and permanent scratching on initially unchanged skin initially inhibits the itching, but damages the skin in the long term and leads to skin changes in some patients.

Here you will find the current German-language guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and the international guideline on chronic prurigo and prurigo nodularis:

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We inform you about current studies, new findings, and therapeutic approaches to this disease.

Here you will find the update on the treatment of chronic prurigo:

Our committee

The League was founded in September 2014 and has since initiated new studies and presented current knowledge of prurigo at various international conferences.

The dedicated initiators of the League are Prof. Dr. Sonja Ständer, dermatologist,
Prof. Dr. Matthias Augustin, health economist and dermatologist, and Dr. Hartmut Ständer, dermatologist in private practice.

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Would you like to have an overview of the itching process?
You can find a template for a diary here :
You can also use the Itchy app on your smartphone (Android and iPhone). This was developed in collaboration with international experts and is both free of charge and ad-free. Your data is only stored on your smartphone. If you wish, you can share the data with your attending physician using a barcode.