SkinHealthCampus on site

Last week, we once again had two campaigns on site on the topic of "skin health".

On Monday, 15.01.24, we started in the Pool Hall Münster.
Those who weren't playing billiards at the time could use the time to
to find out about his/her skin 😇
Especially in this weather, everyone is open to a skincare tip, right?
Then everyone goes home as a winner.

On Saturday, 20.10.24, we met in the entrance area of the Bauhaus DIY store.
Münster in a highly visible position. We wanted to make men in particular aware of the topic
skin health. As we had hoped, we met a large number of men here and informed them about skin care and skin needs, especially now in the cold season.
So "man" gets free care tips in addition to DIY supplies - for the sake of your skin ❤️

Many thanks to Pool Hall Münster and Bauhaus Münster for their kind support.

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